A queer magazine for Butch Dykes, Butch Lesbians, Butch Women, Trans Butches, Non-Binary Butches & all those who love them.

Thanks for your interested in submitting something to BINADW. 

We are currently working on Issue #6 & Issue #7 at the moment.   

Issue #6: thematically focuses on mental health. So we're asking folks to write about stories or themes that have to do with their mental / emotional / spiritual health. 

Issue #7: focuses on butch on butch friendships and relationships, so if you have a pal or lover that you'd like to be photographed / submit a story with, this works as well. 

We ask that people tie in their relationship to the butch identity to their written pieces in some way shape or form, but it's pretty open to personal discretion. 

How the process works: 

1. You submit a story. (850 words maximum).  

2. We organize a portrait photoshoot.

3. If your piece needs any work or editing, we get you to work alongside our co-editor to refine it, then when everyone's happy with the final product we send it off to print to accompany your photos.

All submissions should be emailed directly to info@butchisnotadirtyword.com

The worlds only print magazine dedicated to butch identity and culture.