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ISSUE #3 COVER 1 - BACKORDER (Available August 2018)


Image of ISSUE #3 COVER 1 - BACKORDER (Available August 2018)

Our third issue is "The Intergenerational Issue", and shares the images and voices of Butches of a diversity of ages; from fledgling to Elder.

The importance of intergenerational relationships, particularly in marginalised groups such as Queer communities, is paramount. This issue is dedicated to exploring the experiences and perspectives of Butches generations apart. The aim of this is to acknowledge and honour the road that our Butch Elders have paved for us, and how their contributions have created a safer space for us to exist in. Bringing these stories together with those of Butch youth allows us to reflect upon what has, and hasn't, changed in relation to Butch identity, and look forward together. Our communities are stronger when we unite, as mentors and mentees, to celebrate our unique and related experiences.